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Class Videos
Circle Time is a 15-20 minute daily routine in Spanish.  We take roll in Spanish, sing our hello song, count numbers, and other consistent songs and games. The children learn these routines quickly.  Because of the structure and repetition children know what to expect and are able to understand the Spanish language.  The children build confidence in their new language during this daily circle time.
During Center Time the children choose from a variety of activities.  This is a free time of learning.  They may choose to play house with their friends, create a block neighborhood by themselves, or make a unique and beautiful art project.  The teachers are also in the room interacting with the children in Spanish.  In this video the children are interacting with the teacher with a matching activity.  
The kids learn lots of songs at Bilingüe.  Music is a fun and active way to reinforce language learning.
This video demonstrates how English speaking children are able to comprehend the daily routines in Spanish. This is the end of the day and the children are being asked to put their carpet away and get their coats and bags. The teacher is immersing the children in Spanish. As the video shows the children understand the teacher and follow through with the commands.
It's very important that preschoolers spend this special time in their lives just being children!  It is our priority to engage the children in fun and age appropriate activities.  Here are some short videos of the children learning Spanish and having fun!  
¡Salta y alto!  Jump and stop!  The children learn action words as we jump or salta on bubble wrap! You can hear the children excitedly using their new language. 
¡Tira la flecha!  (Throw the arrow)  In this fun Valentine's activity the children get to throw cupid's arrow into the heart!
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